4 February 2014/ The FridgeRooftop Rhythms Poetry Night.
On my way to Al Serkal Ave

On my way to Al Serkal Ave

Still buzzing from excitement on my new path to becoming a blogerista, I head down to Al Serkal Avenue in Al Quoz.  Al Serkal was one of the first places I explored just after I moved from South Africa to Dubai in 2012 and I am very glad I did.  The Fridge is nestled within this urban-desert-industrial area which is home to some exciting creative spaces – but more on those spaces in following posts.

The Fridge

I saw no open door as I was a bit late coming from the blogging workshop and popped in through a half-opened garage door.  The space itself is in a warehouse.  Not in a mall.  Just how I like it.   I was greeted by the friendliest people in town.  I don’t know how it happened but I somehow managed to miss the front door and even though it looked like I sneaked in without paying, everyone was super chilled and awesome.  You can’t realy call the AED50 cover charge “paying” because it feels like it should be called “gifting” – what you get is much more than the “cover charge”.  Poems, music, smiling faces, creatives, cameras, poems, clicking fingers, lights, rhymes and gratitude gave me the feeling of the warmth of a mother’s kitchen on a rainy day.  The people makes you feel welcome, even if you are there on your own and the collaborators from Rooftop Rhythms have created a beautiful community there.  My favourite poem of the evening, although there where many, was by a guy called Paul Roberts and the poem was called My Mama.

Rooftop Rhythms at The Fridge.

Rooftop Rhythms at The Fridge.

I think one of the reasons that I liked this poem is because he wrote it while he was on a trip to South Africa, my home country.  There where some other highlights, but I recommend making notes of who is doing what as they have quite a number of poets and musicians and when I was there there was no program.  If I had a program I would have tagged them all in this post…next time.

I would totally recommend going, especially if you have had a bad day. (Not that I did, jus saying)

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