8 March 2014/ Dubai Moving Image Museum, MCN building, Tecom, Dubai

Another extremely exiting project I have been working on is the currently running Dubai Moving Image Museum (DMIM)/ Middle East Film and Comic Con Comic Competition which started on 5 March and runs until 26 March 2014.  With the upcoming Comic Con between April 3rd-5th this is a great opportunity for all those artist and “want-to-be-artists” to get their work seen at this year’s Comic Con, in the DMIM and by the VP of Creator Content at Marvel, CB Cebulski.  I have created the artwork for the marketing material, based on some strips, flip books, thaumatrope and praxinoscope composited elements from the museum.  Their marketing package included a poster, a double-sided flyer and some online marketing material (see below for a sample).


Competition rules

If you are in the city, read the rules and bring us your comic on 26 March 2014 where all the entries will be judged and the winner will be announced.  This will be an acoustic evening with music, poetry and storytelling and I am so excited to be part of the DMIM’s first public event and to be working with Pierre Patau (curator) and the lovely museum manager Mandy Aridi.

A while ago I also made a short film for the museum as an introduction and background:

Dubai Moving Image Museum: An introduction

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