17 March 2014 DIFC Art Nights, Dubai
Art in the City - DIFC Art Night

Art in the City – DIFC Art Night

In Dubai, all the art spaces have a collective opening called “Art Night” where all the shows at all the galleries open all at the same time.  I wish I knew why they decided to do it all on the same night, because it forces you to choose an opening night, even though you want to attend them all.  Last night I was in-between going to Al Serkal or DIFC’s art night and I decided to go to DIFC because my fellow Brooke-Shaden-class-member Amani AlShaali had her first group exhibition with The ArtBeat.  Her work is haunting and dark and I can see her influence from nature, personal journey and of course Brooke Shaden.  She is not only a great artist but also a lovely and kind person and I think she has a great future in fine art photography.  Well done Amani!

Amani AlShaani's first group exhibition - congratulations!

Amani AlShaani’s first group exhibition – congratulations!

The Art Nights had some very interesting interactive pieces that I loved like the table tennis initiative and graffiti by Ping Pong Dubai.

Graffiti Artist at work during DIFC Art Night

Graffiti Artist at work during DIFC Art Night

I was also amazed by the work of the world renowned 3D artist Julian Beever’s “Anamorphic Illusions”.  This artwork was done on the floor in chalk and if you look at it at an angle it creates the illusion of an open swimming pool.  Beever drew it freehand from a live-feed attached to a TV screen – remarkably difficult as everything is upside down.

Illusion in space

Illusion in space

Another illusion in space was this amazing piece (artist I do not know) of coloured thread, that spans through glass, through buildings and over negative spaces.  It is an extremely thought-provoking piece and another one of my personal favourites.  I think why I love this piece so much is because I read such a positive message in it:  culture goes beyond the boundaries of the physical, it is an illusion because we are all the same.

Illusions in space

Illusions in space

Illusions in space

Illusions in space

The Magazine Shop also had a brilliant pop-up shop and café where vinyl and magazine enthusiast could sip on double espresso while browsing through some rare and independent ear and eye candy.

The Magazine Shop

The Magazine Shop

My absolute favourite show of the night was that of The Farjam Foundation’s exhibition presenting two contemporary artists from different cultural backgrounds that explore nature through painting and sculpture.  Nature’s Duet captures Daisuke Ohba and Jorge Mayet’s interpretations of the beauty of light and everlasting roots of trees in the natural world and Mayet’s paintings and sculptures blew me away.  They are timeless, symmetrical and speaks of landscapes that I sometimes dream of.  The style of painting reminded me of work by Albrecht Dürer, although the subject matter is vastly different.  Daisuke Ohba creates paintings(reflective paint) of fields of light and that reminded me of George-Pierre Seurat’s pointillism and the scales of a shimmering fish under water.

Jorge Mayet's trees

Jorge Mayet’s trees

Jorge Mayet's Tree

Jorge Mayet’s Tree

Light Paintings

Light Paintings by Daisuke Ohba

We ended the evening with a glass of wine at the classy seafood restaurant Wheelers and left inspired, motivated and excited.

Ending the evening with a glass of wine

Ending the evening with a glass of wine

What is your favourite piece in Art Dubai/Sikka/Design Days and why (please share links, so I can go check them out while they are still up and running).

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