3 April 2014 Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Kuwain, Hatta

 Recently my friend, Celeste Muller and I where discussing the idea of creating a collaborative non-profit short film, based on some concepts of some our previous audio-visual artwork. We studied together at the Open Window School for Visual Communication (film) and have a profound passion to express ourselves through the moving image. We have recently been presented with an opportunity to create an artwork (audio-visual) in collaboration with a South African composer who will create the soundtrack for the film.  We will collaborate with the composer to create the final music and the film will be projected and performed to an audience by a live orchestra.

I have previously been part of various audio-visual installations (in South Africa) at the Impac Film Festival and the most recent one included my work as part of a trilogy of films (with Lodewyk Barkhuizen and Francois Jonker) accompanied with live music. The event was a live outdoor event featuring an original acoustic composition created by Keith Moss, performed by the Paz Consort featuring soprano Melissa Gerber. With all this in mind we have now decided on the concept of our art film, which has it’s starting point in Celeste’s underwater film called Anima (kindly note that this film contains nudity) and various concepts of femininity and space, which I am exploring in my fine art photography.  We have also chosen our various locations and we are now in search of equally passionate volunteers (models and make-up artists) to collaborate with us on this adventure.  Below is our flyer for more info on the dates and what type of models we are looking for:

Model Open Call

Model Open Call

Celeste describes her work as a visual dream exploration.  She has a fascination with the desert and its mysterious hidden waters in which she explores the notion of our search for eternal beauty, through the dangerous collision of chance and destiny.  Enchanted by the strong and free feminine spirit, she wants to investigate the confidence of our primal humanity through the use of still and moving images. Her art film Anima was shown at Impac film festival in 2012 and her work is haunting, feminine and inspiring.  Go check out her amazing blog on travel photography and inspiration to see what she is all about.

If you have already been reading my blog, you will probably know that I like to explore dark, mystical and feminine subject matter, which are inspired from various troubled and enlightened mental states. I am deeply and passionately inspired by nature, human nature and painting and I always try to combine these aspects in my work, through layering and compositing using unconventional methods such as rotoscoping and mixed media.  The Butterfly  (kindly note that this film contains nudity) is an example (I made this as a student) of the style in which I will be approaching my part of this shoot in terms of multimedia, not subject matter.  I feel like I need to return to making films that challenge my idea of what film is all about and explore this beautifully mystical, desert-land and ideas of femininity we now are faced and confronted in this desert environment.  It brings a welcome challenge to work within the boundaries of our current location and I am extremely exited to see what we will produce.

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    • Hey Amani! Yes we are very excited about the project and I will let you know, for sure. Was at the market today and had to run again so I hope to see you sometime so we can chat about a future project that I think you might be very interested in.

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