11 – 23 March 2014 Gulf Photo Plus, Ras Al Khaimah & Dubai Knowledge Village


During Gulf Photo Plus 2014 I attended Brooke shaden’s Fine Art Photography workshop and I have already uploaded one image in a previous post.  The following images were inspired by the locations that Brooke took us to in Ras al Khaimah, stories we shared and of course Brooke herself.  Thank you to the very gracious and kind models (Mylène Gomera, Maria VogiatzisRuksana Hussain and the lovely Cecilia Caturegli) who took the time to work with 15 frantic photographers, all trying to get a shot in 7 minutes!  Respect ladies, you guys did a great job!


Image by Brooke Shaden

In the first image, titled “Blood Ties”.  The girl (Ruksana Hussein) is strong and wilful woman with her feet planted firmly on the ground.  For me the image signifies liberation from the ties that make us move slowly, those ties that ground us to the point of imprisonment, ties that limit our world to walls.

Blood Ties - Photographic Print

Blood Ties – Photographic Print

The second image was inspired by the location we went to and a conversation I had with one of the girls from the UAE who told me a story about how Ras Al Khaimah is believed to be haunted.  It is believed that strange things have happened in certain parts of  the town, especially the Al Qasimi Palace.  With this in mind we arrived in our RAK location and I imagined this female poltergeist looking at me from out of one of the old fisherman’s houses.  I imagined that I picked up an old photograph from the floor.  On the back of the photograph the date ‘5 November 1955’ was written but the name of the woman in the photo was crossed-out.  It could be that the poltergeist is that of a widow of an old fisherman.

Poltergeist - Photographic Print

Poltergeist – Photographic Print

As mentioned in my previous post I created the image titled “Limbo” from a dream I had a while ago.  It is based on a dream of my mother, denying and struggling with an addiction, which has now taken over her life.  She is being pulled to darkness to one end (denial) and being pulled to a broken, unstable ground (the addiction) by the other end.

Limbo - Photographic Print

Limbo – Photographic Print

Looking forward to the next GPP 2015 as well as exploring more subjects and concepts in fine art photography.


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