17 April 2014 Tom and Serg, Al Quoz, Dubai


Karien Mulder 2014 Showreel (Screenshot)

Karien Mulder 2014 Showreel (Screenshot)

Today I had an interesting discussion with my friend and fellow freelancer (cinematographer, designer, web developer and recently blogger) Marcel Beck (MXB Studios) about showreels, shoots, creative ideas, crediting and the ethics that go with it all. When I created my showreel a couple of days ago I was faced with the problem as to whether to credit all the actual people whom were involved in each clip and how to go about it? Those who work in film/video/audio-visual know that it is a medium that usually requires collaborative participation. For this reason I decided to add the full credits in my blog (and add the credits as a link to the video) as a way to thank all the people who gave/continue giving me the opportunity to work with them. Some videos I directed, scripted and edited, where others were edited/animated only. I have also included click-through links to some of the bellow credits.




Laurie Levine (O Brother) Music Video

Laurie Levine 'O Brother' Music Video (screenshot)

Laurie Levine ‘O Brother’ Music Video (screenshot)

The song was written by Laurie Levine and produced by Dan Roberts at Stoep Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Directors – Karien Mulder, Celeste MullerNicole Olwagen, Leandi Kruger 
(Open Window School of Visual Communication Film Arts team)

Assistant Director (1 of 3 days of shooting) – Barry Berk

Producer, editing and grading – Karien Mulder

Assistant editors – Jan Harm, Dan Roberts and Leandi Kruger

Cinematography – Celeste Muller, Nicole Olwagen, Leandi Kruger and Karien Mulder – special thanks to Chris Pinto

Styling and set – Open Window School for Visual Communication Film Arts team, Laurie Levine, Barry Berk and special mention Anita Viljoen for the wedding dress

Make-up (underwater) – Liezl Callaghan

Special Mention – Pluto Panoussis, Dan Roberts & Barry Berk


Sailor Song Music Video by Frankie Beagle

Sailor Song Music Video by Frankie Beagle (screenshot)

Sailor Song Music Video by Frankie Beagle (screenshot)

Puppetry / Director / Producer – Marinda Botha

Co-Producer / Director – Frances Charlton

Director of Photography / Editor – Karien Mulder

Lighting – Damon Berry & Tammy Reid

Cinematography – Nicole Olwagen, Celeste Muller & Karien Mulder

Continuity / Gaffer – Liani Lombaard

Puppeteers – Franqi van Niekerk & Anri Wessels

Make-up – Yowyn du Plooy

Stills – Mark Straw, Nicole Olwagen & Celeste Muller

Concept Design – Marinda Botha & Frankie Beagle


Art Flashman Projects

Geospace International (screenshot)

Geospace International (screenshot)

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 8.07.23 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.10.30 PM

LNN Christmas Edition (Screenshot)

LNN Christmas Edition (Screenshot)

LLN News Network (Lombard Insurance Group), Art Flashman Showreel and Geospace International corporate videos: Cinematography, Production, Grading and Animation was done collectively by Karien Mulder and Alexis Schofield.  Additional episodes of the LNN News Network (6 episodes) was created for the Lombard Insurance Group, South Africa and included: Adriaan De La Rey (Cinematography, sound, After Effects), Jan Harm (Cinematography, sound, After Effects), Werner Olivier (cinematography and sound), Louise Malan (production assistant), Alexis Schofield (animation and cinematography) and Karien Mulder (production, direction and editing).


Walvis: ‘n Ouvroustorie uit die Weskus (Whale: An Old-Wives tale from the west Coast)(Short film)

Walvis Images

Walvis Images

Script / Director / Styling / Production / Editing – Karien Mulder

Executive Producers – Hermann Nortje, Anita Viljoen and Karien Mulder

Cinematography / Sound recording – Adriaan De La Rey, Werner Olivier and Karien Mulder

Horse Handlers – Cassy Parker, Lauren Cockrel and Louwmane Swanepoel

Assistants – Nic Mulder, Louise Malan and Chris Pinto

Translator – Tanya Viljoen

Final Sound Mix – Jacob Israel

Talent – Anna Julies (as the storyteller), Paul Boois, Andries Booysen and Richard Watala (documentary footage), Franklin Ruiters as Andries and Antjie Somers, Hermann Nortje as the Ghost of Johan Bryde, Anita Viljoen, Werner Olivier, Louise Malan, Adriaan de La Reay and Riaan Steenkamp builders as extras.

Music by – Drieka Nero, Les Valentyn, Martin Blake and Dicta 2011.

Sponsors – Western Cape Flying Training Centre, Martie’s Fancy Dress, Johannes Potgieter (Pirates Bar, Langebaan)

Special Thanks to – Julian Melck (Kersefontein Guest Farm), Mike Turner, Eddie and Caroline Papier (research), Patrick Pretzen (research), Riaan Steenkamp builders, Jeff Adonis (Langebaan Primary School), Pluto Panoussis and Jan Koster (The Open Window Film Arts).


Kuduro Music Video Teaser and Behind the Scenes Images

Kuduro by Samyar Tehrani, Gábor Terjék and Ricardo Braganca

Direction: Karina Kisseleva

Cinematography: MXB Studios (Marcel Beck)

Make-up and styling: Mona Shani and Laila Iglesias

Teaser Editing, grading and title animation: Karien Mulder

Behind the scenes photography: Karien Mulder and Christina Kisseleva

Talent used in the teaser include: Fabi Bloom, Nina Stone Angilleeca Mandez, Loy Machedo, Amirbehzad Mouzavi, Mohammed Khair MK, Estephanie Silva Rangel, Tatiana Vivas, Tarek Ghandour, Afarin Kh

The final music video was edited by Karina Kisseleva and Marcel Beck.


Dubai Moving Image Museum Introduction Video


Dubai Moving Image Museum Introduction Video

Dubai Moving Image Museum Introduction Video

Script – Pierre Patau and Akram Miknas

Narrator – Akram Miknas

Director / Cinematographer /  Editing / 2D Animation – Karien Mulder

Additional Archival Film – Werner Nekes: A  six-part film-series Media Magica (Displayed in the Dubai Moving Image Museum)

Sound: Nic Mulder

Music: Shedneryan by Roger Subirana & Royalty Free Grand Piano Work Theme.



Animation, scripting and editing for the Jam Jar Stop-motion animation promo video, The Butterfly, drawing time lapses, rotoscoping, stop-motion animation and editing of corporate FP7 (Fortune Promoseven) and Geospace International videos was all done by Karien Mulder.

Various Projects by Karien Mulder

Various Projects



Clients mentioned in this article is based on this current showreel and is not a reflection of a complete body of work.  





























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