16 – 28 April 2014 Dubai Marina, Dubai


Illustration by Karien Mulder

Illustration by Karien Mulder


A project that Celeste Muller and I have been working on is  inspired by the ambient, trip-hop track Veil from the album Angelic Nature by Wunderkamer Productions, Cape Town.   Lentegeur (Nic Janeke) wrote and produced the track with the haunting, angelic vocals by Andri Du Plessis.  We are working on the visuals for a short teaser of the track, which I will write about in a following blog.


EP Angelic Nature by Lentegeur


Artist: Lentegeur (Nic Janeke), (Written and Produced)
Vocals: Andri du Plessis
Album: EP Angelic Nature,
Released on: Wunderkammer Productions
Release date: 04 March 2014

During the test shoot (see images below) we experimented with various different headpieces and props and I have taken some additional shots of our lovely model Maria Vogiatzits, who will also featured (visually) in the video for the track.  Maria is a Russian (Moscow) singer and model, living and working in Dubai.  She graduated from the Academic Music Collage of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and performs with an operatic as well as contemporary repertoire (soprano) .  Currently she is also a member of the first and the only one A’cappella group in Dubai.  The headpiece we used in the test shoot is by the fabulous Rougepony and this headpiece inspired two more pieces that I have created for our next shoot, using more textured and solid feathers for a more graphic silhouette.

On location - Test Shoot

On location – Test Shoot

Fine art Photograph

Veil – Fine art Photographic print on Paper

Veil Test Shoot Image 02

Veil Test Shoot Image 01

Veil 02 -  Photographic print on Paper Veil 02

Veil 02 – Fine art Photographic print on Paper

Image Credits

Photographer and Composite: Karien Mulder

Assistant: Celeste Muller

Model: Maria Vogiatzits

Dress: Marianne Fassler

Headpiece: Rougepony

These images do not resemble the final video product but it gives us an idea of what kind of treatment we could be going for.  We are also considering to add some graphically tracked shapes over the footage (see rough drawing below), because what we love about this song is the electronically organic sound which compliments the general feminine footage which we are inspired by at the moment.
Doodle of a graphic element in an organic space - Karien Mulder

Doodle of a graphic element in an organic space – Karien Mulder






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