June/ July 2014, Pretoria, Cape Town, Tulbach, Melkbosstrand, Robben Island and Langebaan.

Tulbach Basin June 2014

We visited South Africa in June and July of this year and this  trip was different from those ones we have taken yearly.  On this trip we decided to see as many (and stay with as many) of our friends and family members as possible and really spend some quality time with the ones we visited.  As a travelling photographer (not a travel photographer as such) I sometimes forget to put my camera and work aside and going on a trip like this really allowed me to spend more quality time with my husband and our most beloved friends and family.  
Taking from David Hobby, as a photographer and general great guy, in terms of his work ethic and practice, there is so much to be said about the way we interact with our friends and family while still trying to maintain a clear goal in sight (a great challenge for me as a person and a photographer).  The goal is always to make images that I can use as either documentation of a trip but also have a great experience and memorable time.  
To tell a good visual story, you need a couple of images. Documentation shots or as David Hobby termed vacuum shots, moment pictures (images that encapsulate a moment) and the trophy shots (the ones that you look at ten years from now and feel proud of) are some he mentioned.  I have an additional fine art photography component that I always build into my trip.  

Dramatic Landscape between Malmesbury and Tulbach, South Africa

On this trip I feel I have (personally) captured moment images that, for me,  feel like trophy’s even though this might have never been the case had I not been living abroad.  Apart from the time spent setting up scenes and doing some conceptual work, the most time I spent during this trip, was really capturing moments with friends, family and my beloved South African countryside. Images of family and friends would not generally be regarded as trophy shots, if I consider my target market, but to me they are special.
The question is, why do I take images?  What drives me to do this?  Living abroad, away from loved ones and in a country where the customs are different from in my own, changes the way I see my own work and it changes my motivation for doing work.  At the moment I am finding the bridge between my creative and commercial work and I am exploring a “no-mans-land” of image making.  I think the new direction can really change my future, something that is always an exciting prospect for me.  
We have been blessed to have visited South Africa during Winter time (cold and dry North, cold and wet South) and spend some times with our loved ones and enjoy numerous home cooked meals, numerous glasses of red wine and had numerous conversations around bonfires.  Above and below are some of those moments.  

Outside Tulbach, South Africa


Tulbach, South Africa


Fire Spinning




Cape Town, South Africa


Doves, Cape Town, South Africa


On-Route to Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa


Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town on human rights


Kraalbay, West Coast National Park, South Africa


Langebaan, West Coast of South Africa

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