About Me

Photograph by Tanya Viljoen www.tanyaviljoen.org

Photograph by Tanya Viljoen

After studying graphic design at The North-West University of Potchefstroom I moved to the West Coast of South Africa, which set the scene for a new exploration in painting, printing and photography and this combination, grew to become the reason why I decided to specialise in multimedia in the following years.

The idea of painting and analogue art I loved (and still love), but the idea behind what media could do, made me want to learn more about the moving image and photography.  In 2008-2011 I studied multimedia at The Open Window School of Visual Communication  and earned a BA Honours in Visual Communication (Film and Television).  During this time I was freelancing in audio-visual editing, design and illustration and in 2012 we moved to Dubai where I currently work and live as a freelancer in multimedia. I am currently working on various photographic projects and exploring alternative photographic printing techniques, that I incorporate in my work.  I am also currently focussing on wedding and studio photography while finding street inspiration through my travels and the exciting encounters in the urban environment I live in. You can also check out my portfolio on Behance for a more detailed look into various recent projects.


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  1. Hi Karien,

    This is Joanne (previously worked at thejamjar). I wanted to contact you regarding an Electronic Art project I am working on and would like to see if you wanted to get involved.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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